Sunday, January 25, 2009


Sundays at Menu Maker Mom are usually for batch cooking and looking up the best Walgreens deals of the week, but today Menu Maker Mom is some kind of tired! It seems that I've been running full steam ahead since September, and from December up until now we've had a crazy-busy schedule!

All this busy-ness came to a head today, and I have now become a limp lifeless lump of used up mothering. Of course, it doesn't help matters that my daughters had a sleepover last night... which leads me to the following question: Why is it called a "sleep" over when all the participants do is laugh and giggle and talk in "outside voices" all night long? Why is it called a "sleep" over when nobody sleeps, including Mom and Dad? Okay, I guess I'm rambling...

Anyway, back to Sundays at Menu Maker Mom... This mom didn't do any batch cooking today. I was waaayyy tired! That doesn't mean I didn't cook. I had 8 girls and 2 adults in the house most of the day, all of whom had grumbling tummies on a continuous basis. And let me tell you about those kids ~ they will eat anything that doesn't move!

As for the Walgreens deals, don't forget to go here to get the latest deals of the week. I can't wait to hit Walgreens this week so I can pick up my free Hershey's bar! Tired Moms need lots of chocolate (and wine).

See you tomorrow after I go and snooze..... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz