How to Make-a-Menu!!

Learning to create your own Make-a-Menu Binder is super easy, especially when you take it slllloowwww.  Baby steps are always easier than grown up steps!!  Once you get this started, you will be on your way to being an EXPERT in the menu department.  There will be no more emergency fast food nugget-type food for your special people!!!

Here are the step-by-step instructions for getting started:

BABY STEP #1 - Start here. 

BABY STEP #2 - Make a menu in 3 easy steps.

BABY STEP #3 - Set up your very own Make-a-Menu notebook.

BABY STEP #4 - Filling up your Make-a-Menu notebook.  This is fun!

BABY STEP #5 - Don't throw away the left-overs!!!  Save money and make them part of your Make-a-Menu system.  (Shhh.... they'll never know they're eating left-overs again!)


To make your life even EASIER.... Here's some more Make-a-Menu ideas!:::

THE MAKE-A-MENU BOX - So you were going to make cheese enchiladas, but someone ate the cheese and the tortillas????  Well, this will never happen to you again with your secret stash of menu items!!!

EASY LUNCH PLANNING with the Make-a-Menu Lunchtime Chart

PUTTING IT TOGETHER - Here's the whole plan in just a few steps.  Man, this just gets easier all the time!!