Appetizers & Dips ::
Delicious, Creamy Hummus

Breads ::
Honey Wheat Bread
Homemade Biscuits ~ Texas Style

Breakfast Foods ::
The Yummiest Pancake Syrup

Desserts ::
Missie's Cake-in-a-Cup Recipe
Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

Fish ::
Father's Day Shrimp Boil
Bob-the-Fireman's Grilled Redfish

Pork and Beef ::
Enchilada Casserole

Make-a-Menu Mixes ::
Onion Soup Mix, Shake-n-Bake, Italian Dressing, Chili Seasoning, Taco Seasoning
Incredible Brownie Mix

Soups and Chowders ::
Corn and Sausage Chowder

Crinkle Cookies