Tuesday, January 1, 2008

THE MAMA - Come and get your ribbon!!!

What is the MAMA, you ask? Well, the MAMA stands for “Most Awesome Mother Award.” It is given to Mamas everywhere who cook meal after meal, who force children to eat their vegetables, who require the little darlings to brush their teeth after drinking soda, who fold five million loads of laundry a week, and who wash eighteen million glasses a day. (Well, it feels like it anyway!!)

Mothers who make young students do their homework and clean their bedrooms are often scowled at by said children, but these Moms are always awarded the coveted MAMA nonetheless by the little darlings and their dads. That’s because these are the same mothers who kiss booboos, read stories, spend countless hours driving from practice to practice, often times managing work and home as if the day had 52 hours in it, and still have time to prepare delicious meals.

These moms are given the MAMA, and I’m absolutely sure that YOU, the Menu Maker Mom reader are just that kind of MAMA!