Sunday, January 25, 2009


There are a few things you can do to get your week started on the right foot. If you get organized on Sunday, you can say goodbye to the junk foodie store for dinner, say goodbye to laundry basket diving, end your morning "what should I wear" hassle, get to the kids' practice sessions with equipment and snacks on hand, and basically eliminate some of the weekly stress that comes with being MOM! And, of course, you will be in the running for the much coveted MAMA award! (The Most Awesome Mother Award)

To save your sanity this week by going Auto Pilot, here's a small list of 5 things you can do:


1. Of course, MMM's #1 suggestion is to make sure you ENTIRE menu is made out. I'm talking breakfast, lunch, and dinner, girlfriend!

2. Get your Make-a-Menu Box set up for the week. (If you don't do this, at LEAST review the menu for ingredients and make sure you have all the items.)

3. Make sure the laundry is done and put away. Anyone over the age of 5 can do their share, and nothing has to be folded or hung up perfectly! Just getting it done is good enough!

4. If you will be running from activity to activity, make sure the equipment you will need is in your vehicle. For example, I have a basket that I've put library books in, a sports bag has a basketball and practice clothes, a plastic box has Gatorade and snacks, etc.

5. Choose your clothes for each day this week. I don't recommend having kids do this, as they change their minds too often and you'll end up with clothes all over the floor or flung in the closet. They can choose their each night before bed.