Monday, January 12, 2009


Sunday - Cereal. I'm tired...
Monday - Oatmeal.
Tuesday - Eggs, bacon, toast.
Wednesday - Muffins and fruit smoothies.
Thursday - Bean & Cheese tacos.
Friday - More bean & cheese tacos.
Saturday - Breakfast casserole. Yumm!! This is good! (recipe to follow)

Sunday - PB&J sandwiches, fruit smoothies.
Monday thru Wednesday - We are taking the easy way out. Girls are buying lunches at school. I will have my usual, which is Lean Cuisine or Progresso Soup. Hubbs is eating out.
Thursday - Take ice chest to the stockshow: Cold cut sandwiches, chips, cookies, cheese sticks, carrot sticks, apples and clementines.
Friday - DITTO
Saturday - Eat out at the Auction

Sunday - Tex Mex Style Pork Chops, Green Salad with avacado, iced tea.
Monday - Baked potatoes with all the fixin's, green salad with avacado, iced tea.
Tuesday - Grilled chicken kabobs (marinated in italian dressing all day), spanish style fideo, green salad with avacado, iced tea.
Wednesday - Crockpot full of Frijoles (beans), homemade tortillas, fruit.
Thursday - Crockpot Saucy Chops, Steamed broccoli, egg noodles.
Friday - Crockpot full of Chili Con Carne, cornbread, homemade ice cream.
Saturday - Little Caesar's Pizza (kids are having a sleepover!)