Monday, June 30, 2008


We've been on vacation since Saturday! We're camping in our RV with good friends, and having so much fun floating down the cool, cool river!

Here's what we're dishin' up:

For breakfast:
M - Bacon, potato & egg tacos
Tu - Sausages and pancakes
W - Fried eggs, hash browns, bacon, & biscuits
Th - Repeat Monday
Fr - Repeat Tuesday
S - Repeat Wednesday

sandwiches, fruit, chips, pickles - anything you can pack up and take to the water for the afternoon.

Monday - Marinated, spiced up, grilled chicken halves, green salad with home grown tomatoes, baked potatoes with all the fixin's
Tuesday - Make-your-own foil packet meals! Cobbler for dessert!
Wednesday - Fajita kabobs, guacamole salad, spanish rice, tortillas
Thursday - bbq'd pork ribs, cheesy potatoes, grilled yellow squash, green salad with home grown tomatoes
Friday - JULY 4TH!! - Grilled hamburgers and hot dogs, chips & dips, pickles, corn on the cob. Home-made ice cream for dessert!
Saturday - time to go home - Pizza & salad night