Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Buying a whole chicken can be quite a bargain over buying chicken pieces. Especially when you use a coupon! I recently used this Pilgrim's Pride coupon, and ended up with a chicken at just slightly over 50-cents a pound. Awesome deal! Click this Pilgrim's Pride link to print your own coupon and get the same deal!

Well, about that chicken...

I cook a lot. Pretty much all by scratch. I've done it for many years. (Okay - not that many. I'm not that old!) Instead of the usual roasting or boiling my little discount hen, I thought I'd split that bird in half, like a butterfly, and bbq it.

Due to my extensive so-called (by me only) cooking "expertise", you'd think I'd know how to cut a whole chicken in half by now. But I don't. On Father's Day I cut up a whole chicken and put it on a hot grill over smokin' coals. Tasted fabulous, was moist and tender, but it didn't look like a chicken anymore.

Wish I'd seen the following instructional video before committing the hideous poultry massacre.

How to cut up a chicken

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