Monday, June 16, 2008


Well, I had NO TIME for blogging, it seems!! My road was paved with good intentions, but my calendar was filled with so very much! Now that summer is here and life is finally slowing down, I can try to resurrect this idea.

I've been busy organizing my coupons and hitting the stores. I just love saving money, especially now that gas prices are gobbling up a larger portion of my budget. It's so much of a thrill to see those coupons add up... I feel like I'm in Vegas, baby!

In the rural community where I live we have an HEB, a Wal Mart, and a Super S. But soon we'll soon be blessed with a Walgreens! I can't wait!! I don't shop regularly at CVS or Target because I'd have to drive an hour to get there. That sort of eats up any coupon savings!

Later today, I'll be heading over to Super S to pick up a few things. I'll do a posting about my savings later on. They are the only store that offers double coupons, and since they're generally overpriced, I only use coupons combined with sale items.

Well here it is... My menu plan for this week:

Monday - Pan fried country ham with potatoes and green beans, rolls

Tuesday - Green salad with grilled chicken and black bean, corn, and lime salsa

Wednesday - Mexican picadillo with fresh tortillas (recipe to follow!)

Thursday - out to eat at the girls' softball party

Friday - We'll eat at a neighborhood party. Think I'll take a mexican layer dip. (recipe to follow!)

Saturday - Homemade pizzas! (recipe to follow!)
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