Sunday, June 22, 2008


One of the best things about having a menu and having all your ingredients on hand is that you can be very flexible. What I mean is that even though you have a calendar, and everything is written down, it is NOT written in stone! If you discover that your family would be happier with Thursday's dinner on Sunday, well by all means cook the Thursday meal! After all, you probably have all the ingredients on hand anyway because when you made your menu, you transferred all the needed ingredients to your shopping list and then went to pick them up.

I had planned on frying a chicken on Thursday and making lasagna today. But we ate homemade pizza last night. The kids ate ravioli for lunch. If I stick another spaghetti sauce-type meal in front of them they will revolt, roll on the floor, and swear that I am The Soup Nazi.

So, because I love them; and because I have my trusty, flexible menu; and because I have all the ingredients on hand; and because I love them... I will take pity on them and do a Make a Menu switch-a-roo. We will have Thursday's meal on Sunday and Sunday's meal on Thursday. And I will get the Most Awesome Mother Award (better known as the "MAMA").


(Of course, no one actually said this to me, or raised an actual pom-pom in my humble honor. If they did, I would have a photo of an actual human child or husband (or nephew or friend-of-child) waving thankful arms in my direction. So, pathetic as I am, I posed this very overpriced American Girl doll in an appreciative pom-waving stance.)