Wednesday, June 25, 2008

MENU MAKING PROBLEMS - Blood, Sweat & Tears

Sometimes you do the blood, sweat & tears work of making your menu, only to have your loving family sabotage your efforts with their demonic plans to "help" you in the kitchen. How dare they!!! Didn't they see the blood, sweat & tears? Here's an example of this problem:


Teresa at Mexican-American Border Cooking made this comment:

"Leslie, menu planning is so hard but you make it sound so easy. I've tried it before, you know to make grocery shopping a little easier, but two days into the week my husband and daughter start making other plans and there goes the menu. I'm determined to keep trying. Thanks for the great ideas."


Menu Maker Mom's answer to this problem is to go back to the lesson in Baby Step #1. Make sure you have each family member's input before you make the menu. If you are making their very favorite foods, they'll be less likely to interfere and more likely to give you kisses! Just remember not to just tell them "NO!!" to their request as if you were the Soup Nazi. When daughter or hubby announce that they want to try something new, promise to put it on the next menu.

Another way to solve this problem is to ask them to make the menu with you. If they are involved at the core of the process, they might be able to control themselves a little more!

Also, it's time to talk moolah to both of them. Explain how the menu will save money... money that could be spent on beer for hubby and overpriced, paper-thin t-shirts from Aeropostale for daughter!!

No, on second thought don't do that. That's a cruel joke. They will roll on the floor and cry and beat their chests with their fists when they finds out that the money will really be spent on gasoline and air conditioning. sigh.


Please go visit Teresa. Her blog is awesome and has the best recipes! Mucho gusto!!!!