Monday, July 7, 2008


Well, hello there! We're back from vacation, and boy do we need a vacation from our vacation! We're pooped from having so much fun. Last week was full of relaxing times and loads of laughter with great friends, old and new, and family. We "Tubed the Frio", played games, drank margaritas, cooked over a fire, drank wine, went to dances at Garner State Park, drank cold beer, watched catfish by snorkeling, drank pina coladas, swung off rope swings, took a break and drank cold iced tea, rode our bikes, drank mudslides, did a little shopping, and generally had a very busy time doing absolutely nothing. Ahhh, the good life...
Flying from a rope swing hung from the branches of an ancient Cypress and dropping into the cool, cool Frio is loads of fun! This is, of course, an activity for the young and under-100-pounds group. My 43-year-old arms don't quite hold my swinging body from a tiny rope too gracefully!

This huge rock was perfect for acting like a flying squirrel. Teenagers and grown-up teenagers took turns taking a flying leap into the air. Also, the fourth tree from the left had boards nailed into it to form a ladder. People climbed the ladder to top branches and flung themselves from 60 to 70-feet high into the air, plunging into the deep water below. I'm such a scaredy cat. I could imagine every accident possible. Several of us older folks were forced to drink lots of beer just to numb any preoccupations with death by tree jumping. Personally, I could barely watch! Of course, I let my daughters know that they were never ever to climb that tree, or any tree like it, or climb any rock, or leap like a flying squirrel off of any tall object, or do anything that involves making their body airborne. Never ever ever ever ever ever. Ever. Ever. Or else.

TUBIN' THE FRIO! The river was pretty low this year, as we haven't had too much rain. Still we found places to float. We're very dedicated tubers!!!!