Monday, September 21, 2009


This is my fridge - the freezer section, that is. Sorry the pic is so poor ~ I took it with my cell phone's camera.

There are three very important items on my fridge that help this family stay organized. The white papers in the upper left-hand corner are a pad of grocery lists. Using Word, I made a grocery list with four columns. It includes all the items that we normally need, and a few lines for adding items that aren't quite so regular. The list is broken out into the same sections as you would find in the grocery store, for example, "frozen foods", "produce", "meat", "canned goods", etc. It's so easy to check off any item as I run low or run out. I don't have to remember anything! Finally, this list keeps me sane when I get to the store, as I know I won't forget anything before leaving any particular department. No more running back and forth across the store, or showing up at home without this or that.

In the middle of the fridge I have a pen cup that's magnetized. It's meant for school lockers and it's so cool! I found it at Dollar Tree for, you guessed it, a dollar! Love it!

On the right side is the calendar. Mine is simple. Got it from the church and it hilights a different saint each month. It has all the holy days listed, which is nice for my family. The squares are uncluttered, so it's easy to see any notes that I have made.

Of course, I have a few photos of my favorite people. I love looking at them each time I check out the list or the calendar!

So what's your fridge like? What keeps you organized?


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