Friday, September 4, 2009


Being Frugal is Fabulous! I always give a High Five to the Good Lord for leading me down this path. This path has led me to meet so many wonderful people with so many awesome ideas for making life easier and saving our hard-earned dollars. If you're just tuning in to this blog, please introduce yourself so I can add you to my list of friends!

That being said, I hope we can put our heads together and start sharing some tried-and-true frugal tips and ideas. Oh, what the heck... Let's share the NOT tried-and-true too! Feel free to post your comments with ideas and links!


Make-Your-Own Breadcrumbs

Why buy packaged breadcrumbs when you have the ingredients right there in your kitchen??? I always keep a stash of breadcrumbs in my freezer, and I NEVER buy breadcrumbs in the canister.

It's simple... When you have left over bread loaf heels, crackers, rolls, tortillas, hamburger or hotdog buns, biscuits, etc., just set them aside and let them dry a bit. Once they are dry, run them through the food processor or blender. Put the crumbs into a shallow baking pan (I use the bottom of the broiler pan) and lightly toast them by setting in a low oven (250) for about an hour.

Seasonings can be added as needed. I store the bread crumbs in a 1-gallon plastic ice cream container, but they could be kept in any freezer bag, a cleaned out coffee can, a jar, or some other plastic container.

So easy, so inexpensive, so waste-free.

Being Frugal is Fabulous!