Friday, September 18, 2009

Frugal Friday - My Top-Ten for the Weekend...

I love it when Frugal Friday is also PAYDAY! "Kaching!!!" Ahhhh – the joy that comes from working… the wonderful "paycheck". Of course, most of mine is gone the minute it hits the bank, but I make sure there’s enough left for frugal necessities and even some frugal frivolousness!

So, what kinds of frugal happenings will be going on around the Menu Maker Mom home this weekend, you ask? Well, here’s my weekend to-do list:

1. Take my girls to Dairy Queen for Blizzards! I’ll use $1.00 Off One Blizzard coupons that I got at Check it out and get your coupons!

2. Grocery shop at HEB, Super S, and Walgreen’s – I spent last evening planning and plotting. My coupons are clipped, my list is made, and I’m set to go!

3. Dig up weeds & plants in front shrubbery beds. Seems that with our rain blessing, the weeds have gone totally bonkers! After everything is cleaned up, I’ll start collecting bricks, mulch, and plants to create a new shrubbery/annual bed. I’m planning to plant annual mums, Mexican heather, a Mexican Bird of Paradise, and some other small shrub (haven’t decided which one just yet ~ probably Yaupon). I’ll post pics of the process!

4. Head out to find a steal or two at Beall’s. They are having a buy-one-get-one-half-off sale on shoes, among other things. Lucky for me, as I need new tennies in a bad way, plus I need new shoes for work. I’ll head out with my 25% off one-item coupons to bring the price way down! (You can get your coupon by scrolling through the coupons located on the left side of this page!)

5. Color my hair… Yes, I admit it. When it comes to my hair, I am NOT saving the earth by going green... No, I am not "au natural"... Yes, I admit it, and the scathing truth is out! The "silver" lining is, of course, that that I'll lose the salt and save the pepper with a coupon!

6. Clean my house. The most frugal decorating tip out there is to just keep it clean!

7. Decorate my house for fall. Once the cleaning is done, I’ll bring out the boxes and spiffy up the place. I just love Fall!!! I’ll post some pics when I’m done!

8. Post the menu. Enough said.

9. It’s time for our annual FFA BBQ Fundraiser. That means I’ll be helping out with potatoes and beans on Saturday, and serving after church on Sunday. We’ll work hard, but have lots of fun!

10. Do a little cookin’ ahead. I’ll be assembling the chicken meals and stuffin’ the freezer tonight. I’ll also whip up some freezer biscuits (recipe to follow) and taco seasoning for the pantry.

Looks to be a busy and enjoyable weekend at the MMM Household. What are your plans? Send me an email or post a comment so we can share!

Have a wonderful, blessed weekend…. And don’t forget to GIGGLE!!!

Menu Maker Mom ~
Makin’ Yummies. Stuffin’ Tummies.