Monday, October 19, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

What a busy weekend! Sleepovers, Junior High Dance, Saturday shopping trip, hubby and I went to a dinner/dance, then took the kids for a fun-filled day at Sea World. Glad I’m at work so I can get some rest!

I’ll be cooking a couple of meals from my new favorite cookbook, Southern Living’s “Busy Moms Weeknight Favorites”. I just love all the delicious recipes from this picture-filled cookbook. Everything is super-easy and very quick, while being extremely flavorful and kid-friendly. If you’d like a copy, I’ve got a link to the left.

Our week will start off super-busy, but then will ease up after Wednesday. The girls have volleyball games tonight, then I’m going to see the musical, Rain, on Tuesday (YIPEE!!!), and to wrap it up the girls have the usual showmanship practice followed by CCD on Wednesday. Looks like we have no scheduled activities for the rest of the week! WOW!!!!

I hope you’ve been sticking with me long enough to learn how important your menu planning is. On busy days, if I didn’t have a menu and ingredients, I just wouldn’t be able to get anything on the table and we'd be eating at Dairy Queen!

Here’s the lineup for the week:

Monday – Porky Stew and biscuits, baked apple dumplings

Tuesday – Crocked Polish sausage, white rice, steamed green beans, cookies

Wednesday – Chicken Burritos (from Southern Living’s Busy Moms Weeknight Favorites cookbook), Spanish Rice, Black beans and pinto beans (from cans), ice cream

Thursday – Chicken & Rice Bake, steamed carrots, sliced tomatoes

Friday – BBQ Muffins (from Southern Living), garden salad, corn on the cob, quick apple pie

Saturday – Chicken Paninis (from Southern Living), potato soup, Root Beer floats

Sunday – Pork Loin Chops with Cinnamon Apples, buttered & parsleyed noodles, steamed peas & carrots, warm brownies with ice cream.


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