Monday, October 5, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

This week we're going healthy at Menu Maker Mom's house. I've started the Flat Belly Diet, or as I'll call it, the FBD, and I'm looking forward to some tasty and healthy MUFAs. "What in the world is a MUFA," you ask? Well, it's monounsaturated fat, but it's more FUN to call it a MUFA! You say it like this: "moo-fah".

I just love saying it. It's so much fun!!...


Mufas are yummy, delicious foods like avacados, olives, nuts and seeds. Oils like olive oil and canola oil are also included. These fats are good for you and make foods taste yummy. Two of the principles of the Flat Belly Diet are that you consume one MUFA with each meal and that you consume four 400-calorie meals per day. Cool. I can do that!

I started the FBD this morning, and I'll re-evaluate it in 32 days, which will be on November 5th. Hopefully by then I will have lost at least 15 pounds and be almost near my goal of 25 pounds of weight loss.

I hope you'll follow me over the next few weeks! Be sure to comment with ENCOURAGEMENT, as I will need it. If you want to join me, let me encourage you too! If you want more information about FBD, you can pick up the diet book or cookbook. (I have a link in the "MMM Favorites" section of my sidebar).


Monday: Marinated and Grilled chicken breasts, steamed green beens, oven-roasted red potatoes (MUFA - olive oil)
Tuesday: Pan-seared tilapia, herbed brown rice, sauteed mushrooms, steamed English peas (MUFA - olive oil)
Wednesday: Leftover/freezer buffet! (Busy night)
Thursday: Grilled herbed salmon in foil packets, sauteed yellow squash and onions, herbed brown rice, yellow corn for kids (MUFA - olive oil)
Friday: Chicken Tortilla Soup (MUFA - avacado)
Saturday: Out to dinner with hubby and kids (I'll choose wisely!!)
Sunday: Chix n' Dumplin's, Walking Salad


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