Saturday, October 17, 2009

Apples, Apples, Apples! It's an Apple Party!!

Apples sometimes get a bad rap. Didn't the serpent give one to Eve, who gave one to Adam? While we don't know that it was actually an apple, as a child I remember that pictures always showed Eve standing at an apple tree. So unfair. Poor apple tree.
Let's take poor little Snow White, for instance. Wasn't she tricked by that mean 'ole witch, who used an apple as her weapon?
Even the English language has attacked the humble apple. When women have a figure that is somewhat round, aren't they said to have an "apple" shape?
Yes, apples have taken a bad rap. Apples... who have magical qualities. Yes, "magical"! I mean, what other food, when eaten once a day, can keep the doctor away??? What other food is said to represent the American lifestyle: "Baseball, hotdogs, and apple pie".

Fall around much of the country means it's apple-pickin' time! Even here in South Texas, the apples are ready to be picked. My favorite place to visit during the fall is Love Creek Orchards up in Medina, Texas. During the month of October they host a fun Pumpkin Patch and Harvest Celebration that includes a pumpkin patch for the kids, storytellers and other entertainment, pumpkin painting, a petting zoo, hayrides, a hay maze, scarecrow building, TONS of CUTE photo opps for you and your little ones, and of course lots of yummy apple goodies! My favorites are the apple pic (of course) and the apple ice cream. MMM-Good!

If you'd like to check out Love Creek Orchards, click here for more info.

Yes, it's Apple Season! But besides for the daily healthy munch, what else can we do with all those apples? Well here's a list of ideas:

Apple Chip Cake
Apple Dumplings
Fried apples served with Pork Loin
Apple Enchiladas
Apple Ice Cream
Crockpot Apple Butter
Apple Pie Filling (fill the freezer with this stuff for year-round apple pies!!)
Dried apples for snacking or for MYO (make your own) Instant Oatmeal Packets
Apple Vodka
Fresh apple salads
Apple Chutney

The list could go on and on! In fact, click here for even more recipes, ideas, kids coloring pages, and general information about the good 'ole apple!

Do you have any recipes or ideas to add? Please comment with your links!

Since apples are on sale this week at HEB, I'll be posting a few YUMMY recipes. Think I'll include the freezer Apple Pie Filling recipe (use for pie or Enchiladas), instructions for drying apples (and a recipe for the Instant Oatmeal Packets), Apple Vodka recipe, and Apple Ice Cream recipe.

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