Friday, October 23, 2009

DAY 2 - Update on our change to organic

Hi Friends!

Thanks so much for joining me on this new food adventure ~ eating whole, organic foods as much as possible. I added "as much as possible" because I discovered yesterday that finding products that fit that category can be a challenge! We live in a small town, in a rural area. I shop at HEB and Wal Mart. I hit Wally World yesterday and was surprised to find that the organic items were few and far between.

Here's how things are going so far:
1.) During my trip to Wal Mart, I was able to purchase organic milk, crackers, and yogurt.
2.) I ordered a meat grinder attachment for my Kitchen Aid mixer. We'll be grinding our own beef from here on out.
3.) I signed up with Mambo Sprouts for some great coupons. Also found a couple of blogs, that I've listed below. Also went to Delicious Living for some more coupons!
4.) The kids returned to carrying their own lunches to school starting today. They are grossed out by cafeteria food as much as I am.
5.) Thanks to a local reader, Misty, I checked out to investigate sources of locally grown, organic veggies and meats. I'll continue that investigation and share what I learn as time goes on.

I'll go to HEB this weekend looking for organic foods, where I anticipate having a much easier time finding what I'm looking for. The last trip I'll make is to Whole Foods. Whole Foods has fabulous foods and personal items, but they are a full hour's drive from my home.

I love the comments that you've made! Thanks for reading! Here's what Karin said, followed by my reply:

"I really like your blog, and I am doing the same for my family. I am anxious to hear what you do. My only concern is that buying organic, etc. is so much more expensive, and I am an extensive coupon-user."

Menu Maker Mom:
While my first hurdle is to FIND the food items in the desired category, the next hurdle is to find COUPONS!!! After all, the organic Stonyfield Farms yogurt I bought yesterday was over $3.00 for a 4-pack at Wal Mart, compared to the ultra low price of Yoplait, when combined with a coupon.

I'll be visiting the following blogs to find the latest and greatest sales and coupon matches for Whole Foods and then decide if it's worth the drive.

We will definitely have some major adjustments to make!!!

Menu Maker Mom ~
Makin' Yummies. Stuffin' Tummies.