Tuesday, October 21, 2008

KITCHEN TIP TUESDAY - Keepin' it Clean & Keepin' it Real

I have a small kitchen. I love to cook. My kids love to cook. My kids love to eat. A lot. I even used to sell a decorated cake or two from my kitchen. (If you work for the IRS, please disregard this remark.)

Did I mention that I have a small kitchen??

My small kitchen leads me to my big tip of the day. KEEP IT CLEAN, SISTA!

I struggle in this area, as I have more dishes than counterspace sometimes. What has helped me is that crazy Flylady. (See the link in my sidebar.) I have learned to unload the dishwasher first thing in the morning, after I am done getting dressed. I have learned to fill a sink with soapy water when I'm cooking so that I can wash as I go. I have learned to make sure I have a shiny sink at night before I go to bed. All these things make life in the kitchen good.

Here's my dry and shiny sink. And no, I did NOT remove all the stuff before snapping the shot!!

Now to keep it real, I'll tell you that I don't always succeed with Miss Flylady's instructions. That's okay. I figure that having an empty dishwasher, a soapy-water sink, and a shiny sink before bed 4 or 5 days out of 7 is a complete success! But when I do keep it clean and shiny, cooking is sooooo much easier!