Saturday, August 11, 2012

MAKE-A-MENU :: Baby Step #3

Hi Y'all!  I hope you're enjoying this tutorial series on making your OWN menu planning system that works JUST FOR YOU and your family!   We're half way to finishing now, and I hope you're beginning to see how your binder is going to help you!

Now that you have your menu-making skills well under way, it's time to make this system really pay! Yes, I said PAY! You will pay less at the grocery store, and extra money in your wallet is just like a paycheck!  We're going to focus on loss leaders, which are the items that the grocery store reduces each week hoping that you'll stop by to purchase.

For today's project, you're going to need a few supplies:
1. dividers
2. a hole punch
3. notebook paper

After you gather your supplies, it's time to get the notebook set up. Here are the labels for your dividers:

1. My menus
2. My family's favorites
3. Chicken
4. Beef
5. Pork
6. Fish
7. Desserts
8. Breads
9. Appetizers
10. DIY Mixes
11. Untried recipes

Does it sound a little like a cookbook? Well, in a way it is! It will become a cookbook of your family's favorite meals.
Go and get this set up. Keep it simple! Please don't put anything in it yet!!

And when you're done, don't forget to eat chocolate and drink wine.  Very important that chocolate and wine... so don't forget this step!

Peace to you all,
The Menu Maker Mom
Feeding the family ~ One menu at a time