Thursday, August 9, 2012

MAKE-A-MENU ::- Baby Step #1

Good morning, Menu Makers!

I'm reposting the original MAKE-A-MENU :: Baby Step #1.  Sometimes you just have to go back to the beginning and refresh yourself.  After all, it was 2008 when I originally posted this!  2008!!!  Can you believe it??

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For anyone who is struggling with menu making, for anyone who ran through McDonald-land last night because you had nothing to cook or no time to cook, for anyone who is spending waaayyy too much on groceries... This is for you!

Today we’re going to get started with our menu planning! For those of you who already have a handle on this job, more power to ya! For those of you who are challenged in this area… Read on.
We’re going to take this in baby steps over the next 5 days.  This is Day #1, here is your "baby step" task for today:

You can start your own personal menu-planning service in 5 easy steps!:

STEP #1:
Get a small binder for your menus. You will keep this in your kitchen.

STEP #2:
 Print out blank calendars for this month and the next two. Don’t try to get fancy here! Just print out a calendar. I used Microsoft Works. Took me a minute at the most. Here is my blank calendar. See how simple and boring it is? It was quick.

STEP #3:
On a seperate sheet of paper, make a list of supper recipes that your family members like. GO AND ACTUALLY ASK EACH PERSON. You might be surprised at what they tell you!! If you have a few more minutes, organize this list by meat category. For example, my family likes chicken patties and various dump chicken recipes. I’ll be prepping these with the chicken that is on sale. But more about that later!!
STEP #4:
On another sheet of paper, make a list of meat items you already have in your freezer. Don’t forget to categorize!

STEP #5:
Put your calendars and your lists in your binder. Don’t put anything else in your binder for now!

Congratulations! You're done for for today! Wasn’t that exhausting?? Now go eat some chocolate or take a nap.