Monday, August 13, 2012

MAKE-A-MENU - Baby Step #5 (What to do with leftovers)

"What???  Leftovers???  We HATE leftovers!!!"

If your family cries out in pain when you serve up yesterday's yummies warmed over for today, you need a plan for making those "yesterday's specialties" just as special today.  So what should you do?  Package up those leftovers with plans for re-creation, add them to your menu calendar, and stick them in the freezer.

Don't serve your "left-over creations" the night after cooking the original.  Put it on your MAKE-A-MENU Calendar for another day, and everyone will think you are an AWESOME cook!

Which leads me to today's assignment

Today, please set up a section in your Make-a-Menu Binder with the following tab: Leftovers. There you'll add "recipes" for your leftovers.

For example, we had pot roast with gravy, peas and carrots on Sunday. We had lots of leftovers. I dumped everything in a zip lock and labeled it "beef pot pie". I then went to my computer and typed up the "recipe": The ingredients listed include a packaged pie crust, bagged pot roast leftovers, additional gravy, 1 potato, additional veggies.

While it seems silly to write down these ingredients, it will help me when shopping. Remember that we use our Make-a-Menu Binder to set up a menu and shopping list step-by-step, and one of the steps is to look at the recipe and add the ingredients that you don't have to your grocery list.

If you develop "recipes" using your leftovers, your picky family won't feel like they are eating warmed over stuff from last night and not one of them will revolt or roll on the floor or gnash their teeth and cry. And they will not call you the Soup Nazi. You might, however, be awarded The MAMA! (Most Awesome Mother Award)

And lastly, stretching your menu with leftovers will save you time and money! Cha-ching!!!