Sunday, July 4, 2010

Menu Plan Monday - The Camping Edition!!!

Hi Friends!  Welcome to my Menu Maker Mom.  We just returned from enjoying the beautiful outdoors this past week, and we were roughing it at one of Texas' most fabulous rivers, The Frio!

 I use the term, "roughing it" rather loosely.  If you have wi-fi service, cable tv, a refrigerator and air-conditioning, is it still considered camping??? 

Well, I say it is.  And I deserve to say it is.  After all, my dear husband and I enjoyed tent camping with twins from babyhood on into childhood.  It was quite an adventure! 

While I was sad to see the end of our tent-camping era, I barely looked back as we loaded our first travel trailer with our camping supplies.  Air-conditioning!  Indoor plumbing!  Air-conditioning!!  Refrigeration!  Air-conditioning!!!  Okay - I mentioned air-conditioning thrice because we live in South Texas. 
Air-conditioning is a BIG DEAL!!!

Here's what we dined on during our trip:

Day 1
Breakfast at the taco joint on our way out of town!
Lunch - Frio Pies (bagged Fritos, chili, cheese), Mini carrots with ranch dip
Snack - Chips and Queso
Dinner - Grilled Hamburgers, Ranch Style Beans

Day 2
Breakfast - Pancakes, sausage, Mom's Sticky Syrup
Lunch - Sandwiches, chips, fresh fruit, sliced cucumbers
Party Appetizer - Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeno Bombers (stuff fresh peppers with cream cheese, top with a shrimp, wrap with  bacon, and grill.  WOW!!!)
Dinner - YUMMY Q'd Baby Back Ribs, Grilled polish sausage, pasta salad, BLT salad

Day 3
Breakfast - Migas (fry corn tortilla strips, add breakfast sausage, pour on some whisked eggs, top with cheese.  Stick it in a tortilla and pour on the hot sauce.  YUM!!)
Lunch - Hot Dogs, Mac 'n Cheese, Veggie tray, fruit
Snack - Layered Mexican Dip with Tortilla chips
Dinner - Taco Salad
Dessert - mini brownie cups

Day 4
Breakfast - Bean and Cheese Tacos, salsa
Lunch - Sausage wraps, grapes, chips, sliced cucumbers
Snack - summer sausage, crackers, sliced apples, sliced cheeses
Dinner - Mesquite Grilled Chicken Thighs, fresh Green Beans and Potatoes, sliced garden tomatoes
Day 5
Breakfast - Pancakes, sausage, Mom's Sticky Syrup
Lunch - Tuna sandwiches, chips, pickles, fruit, veggie platter
Snack - Queso, guacamole, tortilla chips
Dinner - Surf & Turf!  Grilled steaks and salmon, baked potatoes w/ fixins', green salad
Dessert - SMORES!!

Day 6
Breakfast - Migas again (recipe is above)
Lunch - Hot Dogs, Mac 'n Cheese, Veggie tray, fruit
Snack - Shrimp cocktail, veggies & ranch dip
Dinner - Grilled chicken kabobs, Uncobbed corn (2 teens in braces!), Karen's slaw

Day 7
Breakfast - Pancakes, sausage, Mom's Sticky Syrup
Lunch - Sausage wraps, grapes, chips, sliced cucumbers
Snack - eat it all up!  (clean out the snack basket!)
Dinner - King's Buffet (eat up all the leftovers!)
Day 8 - going home day
Breakfast - Muffins & fruit
Lunch - sandwiches at home
Snack, Dinner, Dessert - Megan's Wedding!!!!