Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday FUN Day: The Mad Hatter's Tea Party

Even though they have cell phones, computers, music galore, wii games, movies, trampolines, bicycles, a golf cart to drive, etc., etc....

Teenagers get bored easily.


My girls were sitting around one afternoon, saying "We're bored!". 

Yes, teens love to say, "I'm bored".  Actually, it's not a statement.  It's sort of a whine. 

Teens love to whine.

And smart mom's love to reply to a whiny "I'm bored" with "If you're bored I have some chores for you to do". 

That reply ALWAYS shuts 'em up and gets 'em busy real fast!!!!

After I made my obligatory reply to their sighfully made boredom statement, creativity kicked in.  The bored teens decided they wanted to plan a Mad Hatter's Tea Party.  They asked, I gave permission, and I told them that this would be THEIR party, not MINE.  I gave them a budget of $20.00 and promised my help and support.  Of course, Nana purchased a few decorations.  (Grandmas always like to help out!) 

What an awesome experience!  Along with having a GREAT time, the girls learned to plan something from beginning to end and stuck to their budget.  They made their costumes, as did their friends.  We even fashioned a Mad Hatter's hat from an old cowboy hat and paper mache!  They did the shopping, the cooking, the cleaning, made invitations, did the decorating. 

This Mama is proud of what they did!


The Mad Hatters Tea Party
The cast of characters:
Rabbit, Mad Hatter, Alice, White Queen, Chesshir Cat


Finger snacks
On the table:  bowls of Gummy Worms, Skittles, and M&Ms

Main Menu
Missie’s Marvelous Devilled Eggs
Chicken and Cheese Sandwiches
Skewers of Cantaloupe, Strawberry, and White Grape
Relish Tray of Cucumbers, Carrots, and Pickles with Creamy Ranch Dressing
Potato Chips
Sammie’s Lucious Lemonade

Mini Cupcakes made of spice cake and cream cheese frosting.
Cupcakes have "Eat Me" written on them just like the little Petit Fours in the movie!

Mad Hatter’s Tournament
Bubble Blowing Contest
Pin the Tail on the Rabbit
Flamingo Croquet
Frisbee Toss
Spoons card game
Wii: Alice in Wonderland