Monday, February 2, 2009


I have been tagged with a gift from my good friend Deanna. This is awesome! She sent me a text the other day saying that she had a surprise for me. Seems that she had received an awesome coupon for Dave Ramsey products and decided to PAY IT FORWARD. Look what showed up today:

Whoo Hoo!!!!

Also, a huge thanks goes out to 2 people. First off there's Lisa who sent me a message saying how much money she is saving now that she is being strategic with her coupons and POWER SHOPPING! (I am so proud of you, LISA!!) She also sent this nice little coupon for Scotch Brite Nail Saver Scrubbers by the 3M company. I didn't realize that 3M is located in Del Rio, Texas. Cool! Here's the link:

Scotch Brite Ultra Nail Saver

The next person I'm so grateful to have met is Barbara. Barbara emailed me requesting information about upcoming Power Shopping workshops. She also told me her story. You see, Barbara became suddenly single, with 3 wonderful children to raise, a couple of years ago. As money got tighter and tighter, she discovered coupons. Because of the help of others and the savings she found with couponing, she was able to SAVE HER HOME! She is now an AWESOME Power Shopper and is PAYING IT FORWARD by helping her coworkers and friends. Barbara is super busy, but still found it in her heart to offer to help ME, a total stranger, with my endeavors. She's got a huge heart.

These little scraps of paper... They mean so much more than $.45/1.

They really are Fishes and Loaves!