Sunday, July 31, 2011


Can't believe our summer has gone from full-speed ahead to a skreeeeching HALT!  Of courses, this halt is on the eve of a school schedule that starts BEFORE school, and this new schedule is also FULL-SPEED AHEAD.  We just don't know "slow" around here!!!

This week we're keeping it simple.  I'll pick up the Menu Maker Mom pace next week!  Check back often!

MONDAY :: Pan-fried kielbasa with potatoes and onions, fresh spinach and romaine salad

TUESDAY :: EASY beef tips with mushroom gravy over steamed white rice with parsely, steamed green beans

WEDNESDAY :: Frijoles borrachos (drunk beans), cornbread, fresh salsa

THURSDAY :: Asian stir fry of chicken, broccoli, and carrots and whatever else we can find in the fridge!

FRIDAY :: Bean and cheese tacos on fresh tortillas

SATURDAY :: Shopping day!  After a long, hard day of shopping, we'll arrive home to a fresh crockpot of Taco Soup.  I don't care if it's 105 degrees outside...  We still love Taco Soup!!!

SUNDAY :: Finger-lickin', slow bar-b-que'd pork ribs with a huge garden salad and au gratin potatoes.  Will be so good it'll bring tears to our eyes!